Hi! My name’s Dimitri, but Dima works, too. I’ve spent my entire life watching movies and playing video games. I enjoy discussing and reviewing them, and this is my outlet to do so!

As the name of the website suggests, I’m going to be looking back at older movies and games and seeing how well they would hold up to a modern audience. I do plan to review/discuss newer games and films as well, but those will just be regular, more classic reviews. Also expect random posts about stuff in the industry I’m interested talking about. I’m also a Partnered Twitch streamer, so if you want to watch me live, click here!

Hope you enjoy your time on this site.

Series Projects in the Works

Does It Hold Up?

The reason why we’re all here! I started this project because I wanted to look back at old movies and video games and see if they hold up to modern scrutiny, and that will be the focus of this website. I’ll generally approach each piece from the perspective of a modern young adult experiencing a given classic film/game for the first time. It’s not a perfect review format, but I think it’s somewhat of an interesting idea that I want to try out.


These are more classic-style reviews. I expect I’ll mostly use this format to review something brand new (or very recent) that doesn’t warrant the more retrospective perspective DIHU? will provide, but if there’s a movie or video game that I feel deserves this style of review, I’m not going to arbitrarily limit myself to either format.

I already have an example of this! At the time of this writing, I have one single review on the site and it’s for South Park: The Stick of Truth, a game that’s half a decade old, but one that I felt wouldn’t quite work with the DIHU format.

Videos and Podcasts

Depending on time and whether I feel a particular subject deserves/needs to be done in a particular format, I might choose to make a video essay, a podcast, or a written piece for the website – or a combination! Some subjects will get the double dip, others might not. Some might get a video and a written piece. Some might just get a video. Some might just get a podcast. Who knows? We’ll find out!