Series Spotlight: Halloween

Hey there! With Halloween Kills only a few months away, I thought that revisiting the iconic series would be a cool idea, so that’s what I’m doing. (Edit, 8/21/20: The next two films were pushed back a year due to COVID-19) I’m going to watch all of the Halloween films – including the H20 reboot films and the Rob Zombie reboot films, as well as the most recent reboot film, Halloween (2018). What a mess! But I’m excited.

Not all of these are going to be DIHU?s. The idea behind that specific project is to look back at properties that are generally considered good, classic, enjoyable, or otherwise popular in some way. At the time of this writing, I’ve only reviewed the first film as a DIHU?, but I’m going to guess some of the newer entries (probably H20-on) will likely just be classic-style reviews. We’ll see.

My experience with the series is fairly limited, with most of my knowledge of the series coming through cultural osmosis. Other than the original classic, I’ve watched some of the movies growing up here and there or would watch pieces when they’d be on TV, but I’m coming at the series mostly fresh. This will be an on-going project since I have a lot of different article ideas and other things I want to review, so I’m going to release them relatively sporadically, but I will review them all leading up to Halloween Kills.

So! Click the links below to begin the journey with me. Hope you enjoy.

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